Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life and Stitching

To start with this weekend I decided to pull out my MM & I RR and work on it. I added some more trees to the 1st chart to soften the look and then started on the 2nd piece of property. The 2nd building is going to be a church, so far all you can see from the photo is the sky that I managed to get stitched last night.

Now a bit off topic. I have decided to go back to school. Yeah, school at 45! LOL! I'm going to start off slow with just one course [Medical Terminology] and I start tuesday evening. This is a once a week class from 6-9:15pm. Right now I work at my sons school...a Catholic School that goes from grades pre-K to 8. I run the cafeteria. This is a job I literally fell into. The principal, when my son was in K and my daughter was in 3rd grade, was a Nun. I used to be a stay at home mom who volunteered at the school 2 days a week. Well, one afternoon she caught me in the hallway and asked me if I worked and how about running their cafeteria for them. Can you say "no" to a NUN? LOL! So, a new career was born. Prior to this I had gone to college, never completed my degree[pysh/social work], and ended up in Retail Management. So, now with the economic situation being what it is and the fact that both my children will be in Catholic High Schools next year, I feel the need to "help" out our finances a bit more than what I have been. Needless, to say my cafeteria manager job has been more for convienence than economic benefit. I'm hopeful, that I'll be able to get a job in the medical field this summer, and continue on with my schooling in order to get a certification in this field. Otherwise, I'll continue managing the cafeteria until I do get my certification. It's all a bit scary and exciting at the same time.

Now, I'm off to work on my MM & I RR.



Jen said...

Good luck with the night school course!

Cindy F. said...

Pretty progress on your wip!
and GOOD FOR YOU!! for going back to school! Best wishes:)

Wendy said...

Great progress on your project! It looks great already!

Good luck on your night school!

SGVChicago said...

Know your worth! Perhaps the school could give you the raise I am sure you deserve.....or a considerable discount on the tuition for your kids! Negotiation is the key...Good Luck....