Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alive and Well

Yes, I'm still alive. As you can see from the massive upload of photos, I have been busy sewing and stitching. All of the blocks are for the various quilting bee's I have joined for this year. Concentric Squares for Heidi-Scraptastic Bee
LHN cross stitch pillow for Ina-HOE

Wonky houses for Jen-Rosy Little Bee

Family Blocks for Jennifer-Coast to Coast Block Party

Circle Blocks cut into 4" squares for Kristin-Scraptastic Bee

So, this is what I've been doing for Feb. and March. All are done and in the mail, just in the nick of time. Now I'm ready to start on April's blocks. Can't wait till my month's arrive...I've gotten tons of ideas from seeing what the other ladies have chosen, but I've got a bit to go since my months are in the 2nd half of the year.
Oh well, I'll keep this update short and hopefully I won't take so long till my next post. But life and working 2 jobs sure gets in the way. Till next time...I wish you all well.