Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in in Maryland

Well, we're snowed in. We got at least 26". It started friday afternoon and didn't stop till this evening. It'll be a miracle if schools open up at all this week. I finished up my XMAS quilt...I used a charm pack and jelly roll of Mary Englebert's "The Caroler" with a few added fabrics for the borders. Still need to wash it for that crinkley goodness, but that's one more in the finished pile and the good thing is the fabrics don't look too christmassy, so it can be used all year long.
Pictures from the front and back of our house and the snow storm's damage.

Here's Ebony's free form log cabin blocks for Febuary. I got her fabric in the mail yesterday and took advantage of being snowed in to make them today.

So, next up for me is to work on basting my circle quilt and to sew together my ORB #4. I was able to make my string blocks this past week, though I still need to decide if I'm going to add a border or not. Being snowed in should give me plenty of time to finally do that. So, hopefully the next time I blog, I'll be able to show off my finished circle quilt and make some good progress on the ORB #4 quilt.