Friday, December 31, 2010

PhD Challenge 2011

Well, I've taken the plunge and joined Myra's 2011 PhD Challenge [Projects Half Done]. I have commited to completing 4 project by the end of June. These 4 that I have in mind are in different stages of completion. 1st up is a small ticker tape quilt that needs the binding done, next is my son's guitar quilt, which I'm still sewing the top together, next up is my Halloween quilt top...I got it 1/2 done and stopped just prior to the holiday, so hopefully, I can complete so it can be used next year, and finally the daughters wonky star quilt...this one is still awating the completion of blocks from members of 2 bees I'm in, so that one will be last on my list. I plan to take pictures of each and post photos as I go along. So wish me luck in this venture and if you have any PhD's check out Myra's link.


Monday, December 13, 2010

More Stitchy Goodness

Here's a few shots of what I've been up to lately:
Molly's Nov. Disappearing 9 patch block-Rosey Little Bee
Fair & Square LHN design for Pokua

A photo of my finished blocks for the Simple Sampler Stitch Along -next up I need to decide on sashing

Sabrina's Wonky Star -Moody Blue's Bee

Hopefully, my next post will include a picture of the finished top for my son's quilt. I sent out guitar fabric back in July to the other Coast to Coast Bee members and got back 29 fantastic pinwheel blocks for his quilt. On my days off last week[thursday and sunday], I started sewing the blocks/rows together with a little bit of imput from my son[ he picked out a 5 1/2" black sashing/border]. Now I need another day to get the rest of it sewn together, but I don't have a day off till friday:( Also, in the works is my daughter's Wonky Star Quilt. So far, I have 16 blocks for her quilt from the other members of The Rosey Little Bee and a few I made. Since this isn't enough to make her a full size quilt I've sent out the same request to the members of The Scraptastic Bee. Hopefully, between the 2 bee's I'll have more then enough blocks to make her quilt.
So, now I'm off to get ready for work, since I close tonight.
Till next time....