Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Well, I started my medical terminology classs 2 weeks ago and boy is it a big change going back to school. After the 1st class I didn't stitch for a week and a half, but I was able to find some time yesterday to. Thank goodness for teachers meetings, since I run the cafeteria at my sons school and when the teachers have their meetings and school's canceled I get the day off. Hence, my free time to stitch and study. I took my 1st quiz on friday was online and I checked my grade today. I got 23 out of 25. One was a silly spelling mistake, so will have to watch for that in the future.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try my hand at a new finishing technique. I'd stitched a small quaker motif and used it to put on top a small 4 x 4 wooden box I found a few months ago at the dollar store. I think it turned out cute for my 1st attempt. I really need to get to a larger fabric store so I can find some neutral braiding and ric rac, not to mention fabric. The close stores are AC Moore, Walmart, and Michaels and their selections are rather small. Joanne's is about 20 minutes away, so if I can find another day off will have to get over there.

Last night I joined in on Let's Stitches SAT. I kept things simple...brain dead from studying. So, I started a new quick piece. It's the March freebie from The Sampler Girl. Only 2 more motifs to stitch and it'll be complete. Hope to get this done this weekend.
I'd like to say Thanks for visiting to all my followers. It's so exciting to see that I am now in double digits:) It's always nice to read everyones comments and to visit the different stitching blogs that are out there. Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Stitching Filled Week.


Jen said...

Well done on the new course at night school. I find a little bit of stitching every day helps you relax and switch off from the day job. Liked your finish. I just get mine framed, maybe I should be more creative.

Patti said...

Well done with your new course - that was a GREAT mark. I liked your finish and decided I am really bad at following blogs unless I have them in my bloglist so guess who has made it there? You have. Also I have my first give-away on there now so go and have a look. I was a few days late with it because my no.2 daughter has been in hospital for over 2 weeks and I am zonked. Lots of Love Patti xxx

SGVChicago said...

You go girl! It is not easy to keep all the balls in the air! And stitch as well....

Cindy F. said...

Susan, your new blog look is great!!
Congrats on your 23 out of 25! Good job! and I'm very proud of you for continuing your education!
I've often thought of doing that myself:)
Wow! You did an awesome job on your 1st box finish! congrats on that too!
We have no fabric stores except quilting stores (which are really expensive) and Hobby Lobby! I'd have to drive an hour to a Joanne's!