Tuesday, February 10, 2009

F & S Winter Squares and PIF

I just heard that Sharon has received the F & S Winter squares I stitched for her, so I can now show you all a photo of them. I stitched CCN's Let It Snow from JCS's 2008 Ornament Issue. I also made my 1st ever fob, using a snowflake design from Prairie Schooler and stitched it on 32ct sky blue linen over 1. I'm glad to hear they made it to their destination and that Sharon likes everything.

Just a reminder that I still have a PIF running and so far only have 1 person interested in joining, so if anyone else is interested there's still time. I won't be drawing names till Saturday[if I even get enough:)] If interested please leave a comment on this thread. Thanks!


SGVChicago said...

Susan...again, the Squares are a perfect gift for me and the Fob is incredible for your first effort...I have a basket of fobs and this one has a prominent position....I have designed several fobs and would send you the charts if you would like them!

SGVChicago said...

How do I sign up for your PIF?

Cindy F. said...

Love your squares!! Too cute! and you did a beautiful finishing job on your fob!

Patti said...

Hi Susan, I found you blog via Cindy's and I will sign up for your PIF. Now I am already committed to one PIF and nobody has signed up for it so what I will do is now stitch 5 things in total and give them away during the year as my commitment to you and Wendy Jo. I am doing 3 for her PIF and I believe I need to do 2 for your PIF. If I am incorrect please let me know.