Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yeah, it's the weekend and I was lucky enough to be home alone last night, so I could stitch in peace:) My DH took our son to his soccer game and our DD decidedto join them. I was so nice and quiet. I really enjoyed myself. I even decided to watch a little bit of HBO and finally got to see Juno. Cute.

So, while I was home alone I joined in on the weekly SAT for Let's Stitch. I started 2 new pieces. Both for the Seasonal Ornament SAL. The 1st is a heart freebie from gazette94. I'm stitching this on 28ct platinum cashel using Needle Necessities #150 and DMC's #315.
The 2nd was also a feeebie, but from The Sampler Girl. Believe. I stitched this one on 14ct country linen aida and used Caron Watercolour's Black Cherry. A more rustic look to the piece.
And finally, I had a finish this week. Another freebie from gazette94, that I used as my SAT piece the last couple weeks. I really like the bright colors on this piece.

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend!



Daffycat said...

Ooo, I love, love, love that thistle piece! Beautiful stitching all around. Well done!

road less traveled said...

What threads did you use on the thistle? I really like it and would love to stitch it.... when I finish a few other things first LOL