Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Spring!

Well, we think we've managed to get the computer up and running good enough to use. So, I'm back. LOL Haven't any stitching to show since I'm working on an exchange item. I have tomorrow off :) I hope to finally be able to complete the March Sampler Girl piece I stitched recently. I was able to get to Joann Fabrics at the end of last week and found 2 fabrics that'll work...just need to see which one I like the best.

I hope everyone is well. I managed an 84 on my 2nd quiz :( 2 silly spelling mistakes. Definetly, need to slow down and take my time, but when I see the clock counting down my time I get nervous and type faster. Oh Well, the good news is that the lowest quiz score will be thrown out, so hopefully, this will be my lowest. Thanks for all the good wishes.



Patti said...

And Happy Spring to you too Susan. I keep on forgetting that 84 isn't as great a mark in the States as it is here in the U.K. When I went to University here and got a 73 I was totally gutted and thought I had a D! It was only after somebody explained that it was a GREAT mark and in fact an A that I felt heaps better. I was used to the yankee way of marking and not the limey one! Can't wait to see your exchange item. Love Patti xxx

disa said...