Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, just been busy working and stitching in my spare time. I had a wonderful weekend of stitching that started friday night with Becky's SAT and ended sunday with me completing Just Nan's Summer Stroll. HAPPY DANCE!! I haven't decided how to finish it off, yet. I have seen some lovely wooden boxes that this wood look pretty in...need to check them out.

I'm still working on my next mailart piece. Hope to complete it over the weekend.Will post a photo as soon as it's done. I'm also working on my 1st Fair & Square exchange piece...can't show any photo's till it's received, but it's coming along nicely. I think I'm going to start Just Nan's Ice Garden this coming friday for the SAT. I have a pile of Just Nan charts just waiting to be stitched and these friday night SAT's are a great way to get some of them done. Off to do some stitching. Until next time.

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