Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Quilting Adventure

So, Here's my 1st quilt top. I decided to use Moda's Love is in the Air charm packs to make this "Christmas Table Topper" quilt[ the pattern by Rachel of p.s. i quilt can be found on Moda], though I guess I should rename it "Valentine Table Topper". I think it turned out pretty good for my 1st attempt. I'll be leaving the quilting part for when I get a machine that can quilt[ hint hint...possibly my Christmas present this year]. It's 43" X 43" and I also bought some Love is in the Air fabric to use as the backing.
So, now that the quilting bug has bit me. I drug my DD [17] to the fabric store with me. 1st up was Joann's, where I picked out all these neutral colors in the hopes to one day make a quilt that will go in my living room. Apparently, I'm afraid to try larger patterns, DD had to help with a few of the choices. So, after this trip my DD decided maybe she'd like to try to make a quilt. This is the same child who shows no interest in any of the crafty things I do. So, finally a crafting buddy....maybe...

So, when we were in AC Moore we were checking out their sale section and looky what we found these colorful fat quarters were on sale for $1.10 ea. The black fabric wasn't on sale but DD liked it, so I let her get it {maybe a 2nd project in her future?!} So, once we got home from the store, she wanted to start right away. We picked an simple pattern...Clara's Quilt from Moda Bake Shop and away she went. I had to show her how to use the sewing machine...her 1st time ever sewing. Of course, I got the job of doing all the ironing for her:)Here's her progress so far. Not exactly perfect matching the seams, but hey, I'm just glad to have someone in this house who understands why I get so excited when I sew or cross stitch. You know the men in my life[DH and DS] are like..."yeah, that's great" and then move on with their conversation, but you gotta love them! So, now she's taking a break till she decides on the border fabric. Me, I'm getting the itch to cut up those neutrals ....just so many patterns out their to choose from and I'm trying to start off slow....so maybe another 9 diappering patch, like I did on the "valentine" quilt. Decisions, Decisions!! Susan

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Dani - tkdchick said...

You've done a great job on your first quilt!