Friday, February 28, 2014

JNSAL Update for Februrary

Just Nan SAL progress for the month of February, I managed to complete 3 of 7 bands plus the border. Probably would've gotten more done if I had invested in the pair of cheaters sooner . Seems like I've hit that age where I need them to see the small stuff:) The good news is after work this evening I've managed to just about complete another band. Should be interesting to see how much more I can get done now that I can see:)

Till next time,


Sylvia said...

Very pretty!! Are cheaters glasses or a magnifier? Either way it does make stitching easier if you can see what you are doing. That's why I do needlepoint as well. When my eyes are tired the 18 count canvas is easier to work on.

Oma said...

Great job so far, I wear cheaters all the time...I hate not being able to see like in my youth! But I won't quit stitching!