Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

We've got SNOW!!! And that means I got the day off from work. Joann's called this morning and told me to stay home:) Good thing I picked up some fabric to play with last night when I was there...even though I already have plenty here at home:) Here's a couple photo's of what I've been up to.I made myself a warm pair of fleece pj bottoms last week...nice and long so my ankles don't get cold at night!
I stitched these squares for Heidi B. over at F & S. She's now received them, so I can share a picture of them.
So, now I have a FREE day and lots of project I can tackle...hmmm...wonder which I'll do. I have my XMAS quilt all basted and ready to be quilted[running out of time since Chistmas is almost here], I picked up some fleece last night to attempt my 1st fleece tie throw, and I've got several quilting projects in various stages that I could always work on. So, I guess I'll head on down to the dungeon and get busy!
Till next time,


Brigitte said...

That's a nice amount of snow. And when you can get a snow day out of it, it's gorgeous, lol. And sewing a warm pj on such a day is perfect.
Very nice F&S piece.

Suzanne said...

Wow, now that's a lot of snow. Just what I wish we could have instead of the swealtering hot days we are having.

Daffycat said...

Wishing you the merriest Christmas, Susan!