Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July and other stuff

Well, the big concert didn't happen. Seems DH got an email yesterday that it was postponed due to a band members injury. We did tell the kids, so now we'll have to wait till they reschedule to see...Aerosmith. So, with nothing scheduled for today I took the opportunity to finally frame a RR I've had hanging around here for years. I just love how this piece turned out. It was a band sampler RR and I had included tons of Just Nan charts that the different bands were taken from. I don't know why it took me so long to frame it, as I've had the frame and foam board cut for a couple years, though I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a mat or not. Finally, I decided it looked good enough without the mat. So, it's now proudly hanging in my front hallway.
On the stitching front..I received these 4th of July squares from Ruth yesterday. Aren't they just perfect?! She said she took the idea from of LHN's Abigail Winslow.

On the RR front..I made some progress on the 12 person RR I'm in. This RR was supposed to have been completed 2 years ago, but several of the projects got held up at one lady's house. I finally received 3[including mine] in the mail in May. This RR is Patti's. Her theme is Portraits of the Wild Life. I stitched the Ptarmigan. I taken photo's of my section and the whole project. So, next week I'm mail this off to the last person to stitch on it before it gets mailed home to Patti.

So, now I'm busy stitching on my HOE Summer House exchange and I have a list of stitching I need to complete by the end of August. I have the weekend off and then next saturday I start my next class. I want to thank everyone for their comments about my stitching and life. I appreciate all your words of support. The stitching community is just GREAT! So, many wonderful and helpful people who share a passion for stitching like I do. And finally, I Wish Everyone A Safe and Fabulous 4th of July!
Till next time,


Wendy said...

Happy 4th of July!!!

Love your stitching, it looks so wonderful!!

Tracy J said...

All of your rrs are great; I especially love the Just Nan piece, really pretty.

Cindy F. said...

Mr. Right and I were supposed to see Aerosmith in 2001, but days before the concert was scheduled, 911.
Concert never rescheduled and we couldn't have enjoyed it if it were:(
But, I hope you guys get to see them!
LOVE them!!
You did a beautiful job framing your gorgeous RR!! I like it w/o the mat too!
Love Ruth's squares! Patriotic are my favorites!!
and what a pretty RR with the animals and names/countries.